Are you facing foreclosure?


At Revive it is our drive and our purpose to directly assist and help any homeowner who is facing a hardship with their property.  For many, one of the most unexpected and overwhelming difficulties someone will find themself in is a situation where they are facing foreclosure. 

With this being one of the most trying economies of our generation, millions of homeowners around the country have felt the affects personally.  Here in New Jersey, thousands of individuals are facing foreclosure on a daily basis.  In many of these cases a home that goes into foreclosure is not the result of a negligent homeowner, but a combination of hardships.  A spouse loses a job or business, suffers a sickness resulting in the inability to work or the all too common issue of divorce.  When you couple these hardships with one of the worst housing markets in history, you understand why millions of homeowners are choosing to take the loss, walk away and rebuild elsewhere.  However by taking action and seeking the help of a professional such as Revive you put youself and your loved ones miles ahead of those in the very same situation. 

We at Revive understand the difficulties pertaining to foreclosures and know the ways to help our clients overcome these situation (benefiting now as well as in the future).  We have an in-depth knowledge of the foreclosure process and have the strategies to help you avoid foreclosing on your property. 

Nevertheless, we are always looking for ways to better serve our clients.  In doing so we decided to seek out some of the best foreclosure avoidance companies in the state New Jersey. After reviewing their strategies, ethics, infrastructure and leadership we have found and teamed up with a company by the name of New Jersey Home Relief.  Much like Revive they have a strong foundation that is specifically focused on helping people.  New Jersey Home Relief has mastered the foreclosure avoidance process and possesses the proven systems to best help homeowners to stop foreclosure.  We are proud to work hand in hand with a company such as this in order to give our clients the best results possible and come out of their current situation on top.