Looking to Buy?

Buy a Home

Today’s economy is ideally a buyer’s market. Now is the time for future homeowner’s to consider purchasing their first home, and equally the time for purchasing that investment property you’ve been thinking about. Whatever your property needs, Revive can help turn those needs into a reality.

At Revive, we are a multi-service company possessing the ability to sell, repair, buy, and also wholesale properties in a fast and efficient manner. We have the ability to offer real estate properties at wholesale prices to potential investors, rehabbers, or a hopeful homeowner with a desire to make repairs to the property themselves in exchange for gaining equity in the process.

Get Pre-Qualified

If you’re looking to become a homeowner and purchase a home, an important initial step in the buying process is getting pre-qualified for a mortgage. This will give us an insight as to your price range you are able to comfortably afford so that we can find a property that is right for you and your own unique financial situation.

We can help you get pre-qualified for a mortgage. This will involve providing a lender with basic financial information including your income, assets and debt. Our team at Revive is happy to help you get pre-qualified at no additional cost.

We are committed to helping potential homeowners obtain the home, investment property or vacation property of their dreams. Call us today for more information and putting your dreams to action!

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