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Revive LLC - As a residential redevelopment company our intention is to transform and rejuvenate our local communities. Jointly, our commitment to assisting the homeowners in these areas who are facing difficult situations is our primary focus. By taking the time to understand each of their unique property needs, we are able to address every situation with a creative solution. We simply understand that no two circumstances are exactly the same, and likewise neither are our solutions.

Our mission is to use redevelopment to creatively increase the overall quality of housing in our community; while simultaneously promoting homeownership and helping homeowners overcome the difficult situations which pertain to their property.

We are able to achieve success in our mission by purchasing homes in ANY condition.  We deal directly with CASH, which means we have the ability to close on properties extremely fast!  This service is an alternative to the conventional real estate transaction, thus eliminating expensive realtor fees and leading our clients to a hassle-free transaction.  Also by specifically purchasing each house in AS-IS condition we help the homeowner avoid sinking any unnecessary time or money into the property in order to get it sold.  At the end of the day, this means a quicker closing and more money in our client's pocket!  Likewise we also provide our customers with services such as Foreclosure Avoidance and other preventative methods.

We will buy in any situation:

Our team is made up of experienced individuals who possess a true passion for Real Estate. We take great pride in being able to impact the community, and we constantly strive to assist homeowners who struggle with burdensome properties. For us, Real Estate is simply a means of enjoyment that leads to our ends of contribution. Whether it is helping individuals through tough situations, Reviving our neighborhoods, or simply being a part of someone’s new beginning; we are grateful to be involved!

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